Blood, Bullets and Bravado - Rambo Review

Review written by Travis Meacham.

Two years ago Stallone brought back Rocky Balboa. Now he hopes he can work that same magic on his other signature franchise. In 2008 is there any room for John Rambo?
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  1. It so funny, you equate beating baby seals with killing evil, evil men. LOL
    "It's the difference between watching an exciting boxing match and watching someone beat a baby seal to death with a hammer"

    I bet your alot like the dude who refused to kill anyone until he was forced to at the end arn't you Travis? A little left leaning borderline pacifist? haha. Kidding man, messing with you!

    Ok, done messing with you, your review was good, I agreed with it, it was a good movie, portraying realistic violence to a T.

    I liked the part in the movie where he takes a stab at liberal democrats, and does it well. When he says "are you bringing guns? Then your not solving anything"

    That was great. Which was what the whole movie was about. The premise of the movie was exactly how it is in real life. And that is:

    You cannot negotiate with evil people, you cannot talk with them to agreement. Evil people have to be killed, there is no other way.

    This movie is a perfect political statement of that premise and the scene on the boat when he was trying to negotiate with them I thought was really, really telling. The left wing lunatic would have handed over the woman to get raped and killed, and the right wing guy pulls out a .45 Auto and kills them all. LOL PERFECT.

    Great movie. Good review, thanks for that Travis.

  2. Might be worth seeing then.
  3. I'm really liking this trend of bringing back old movie franchises. I've been feeling nonstop nostalgia since they brought star wars back.
  4. I wish it will be better than the previous ones...I love this film.. Rambo...
  5. Rambo wasn't that bad actually. I went into it expecting a very poor film and was pleasantly surprised.

    What you expect out of a film can really shape your experience. If you enjoyed previous Rambo films you'll enjoy this one. If you never really liked Rambo there's nothing here for you.

    Is it me or does stallone do a half decent job making films? Especially when compared to everything else released.

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  6. I would definetly reccomend this movie... I bought it on blu-ray and it was great. Very clear. It also came with a digital version that I can register to put on my iPhone/iPod :)
  7. I went to see this in the Cinema. I originally thought that it would've been a bit funny, because you know, Silvester Stalone is old now, like 62 or somethin. I couldnt really see him going Rambo anymore. But I have to admit, it was a hell of an action film. Heads blown off with Shot Guns, Bullet Ridden Corpses, Neck Breaking and lots of explosions. It was pretty gorey, n it completely surprised me.

    I would also reccomend that you get this on Blu Ray. It looks great in 1080p.
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