Random Shutdowns on a HP


I have a computer at work being used for pos and internet, that is randomly shuting down and restarting.

How do i diagonise what the problem ?

HP COMPAQ dc 5700 micro tower
E6300, XP Pro SP2, 2GB ram
Running Quickbooks Point of sale Version 6.0 R6, pro level, Internet Explore

Im resonable handy, built my own computer
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  1. Hmm, possibly overheating? Open the case while it is running and make sure all of the fans that should be running are. If everything is fine, grab a can of compressed air and blow the dust out of them (while the comp is off this time). I would suggest downloading TAT or speedfan to check the temps, but your mobo may not have any sensors on it. My Dell only has a sensor on the HDD.

    Could also be a PSU problem. Grab a unit from another PC and put it in that one and see if it changes.
  2. Downloaded Speedfan and ran it

    HDD @ 37C
    Core 0 @ 23C
    Core 1 @ 25C

    If there the core temp then they sound very good to me

    Had anoother suth down science posting and got this from the erroe report

    C:\docume~1\locals~1\temp\\wer51f0.dir00\mini062607-01.dmp as a msg

    Have downloaded Intel TAT and it running in the background at 37-40 C
  3. Temps are fine. Its either psu, memory or HD. Download memtest, run it several passes. Hitachi has a nice HD test, dont have the link handy tho. If you have another rig around thatll fit your psu, try that as well.
  4. Bought a referb for the wife, had the same issue.

    Moved ram from slot 3 to slot 2 (1 & 2) = no more crashes.

    Could be a bad memory slot, worth a try.
  5. Does it have an upgraded graphics card or any other power consuming upgrades? OEM are known for putting crap PSUs to run at the bare minimum. That or bad memory, if it doesn't have PSU problems, then run Memtest86 a few hours and see if you get any errors.
  6. hahaha
  7. I just took a HP back. I had it for 2 days and it started doing this. I kept it two more days and read many posts on many forums that said the same thing. These included a lady who has had her's for a year, and it has spent more time being shipped back to fix it and them not fixing then it has with her actually working.
    I took mine back. Shame too as I really liked the system the graphics were nice for what the kids needed. I decided to get out while I could.

    Good Luck.
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