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Hello! I've got quite a problem. For reasons I had to reinstall windows. I have to drives, a SSD and a HDD. The ssd got wiped but the HDD is still as it used to be. I have done with junctions so that programfiles,users and programdata are all on the HDD instead of the system drive SSD. Everything would be nice and dandy if I would still have the same C:\Users\*username* as before, but for some reason i now have C:\users\*username.username-pc.000* The -pc.000 came with the new installation and i do not need nor want it. Is there a way to make my computer think that C:\users\*username* is my userfolder?
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  1. Right-click prperties> Change location>pick new destination
  2. I'm not sure if u can read or not but relocate is not the same thing as reassign.
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