Are new technologies worth waiting?

Hi everyone. I am still a CRT user, not full time, but still a user, and I was thinking that maybe it is a good time to stop killing my eyes.....

I came across a conclusion, in case I decide to buy a LCD monitor, but I was wandering if maybe SED or OLED are worth waiting, since they are announced to break in the market by next year.......

Can anyone predict if prices will be much higher than the current for LCD's? Will they have a longer life expectation?

manufacturers can still only guarantee between 5000 and 15,000 h of operation before the brightness of the panel is reduced to half of its initial value.

What are your thoughts?
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  1. As an ardent CRT fan, I would wait for SED. If you need to buy a monitor now though, get yourself the best CRT you can find.
  2. Sorry to dissapoint but SED is DEAD - Canon has postponed the technology indefinitely. Although Sony says it will start limited prodction of 11" OLED tvs by 2008 bigger sizes are not expected for a couple years.

    Looks like its going to be LCD/plasma for a few more years. Look for LED LCD's (better colors/blacks), laser projection (2008?), 120hz LCDs (less judder/smear).
  3. Humm, looks like you know what you're talking about... I have also read some posts of yours in other topics....

    I don't have much time right now, but about the LCD's I have been browsing, I don't remember to read if they use LED's or not..... Is it common these days?

    I was almost sure I was going to buy a Samsung 931BW...
  4. Samsung XL20

    the only two i know of.
  5. They are truly expensive :P

    I guess I will stick to 931BW or 206BW....
  6. Yes, LCD monitors with LED backlighting are indeed expensive. Typically 3x - 5x the price of LCD monitors (of the same size) with convential Cold Cathoray Florescent Lighting (CCFL). That is the price of new technology.

    These types of monitors are currently geared towards the professional graphics market. In my opinion it will take at least 3 years before these LED LCD monitors will become price competitive with standard CCFL LCD monitors. Meaning when LED LCD monitors only cost $100 - $150 more for the same size monitor using the same type of panel technology.
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