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Does anyone know why there is no drive letter appear in "my computer" tab when I plugged an external HDD into my desktop??

I just bought this HD with its external case. I partitioned the drive in my laptop in NTFS(or something like that :) format

I don't understand why the drive letter won't appear in my desktop. I checked the device manager and they're not there. But the usb port gives me a message that something is plugged in.

Please help me. I'm a newbie and have no idea what to do.
Thanks b4 :)
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  1. Can it be seen in Disk Management console (type <b>diskmgmt.msc</b> at <b>Run</b> command)? If it does, you can assign a drive letter from there.

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  2. You can find "disk management" if you right click on "my computer" and scroll down to "manage".

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  3. yes, i tried disk management before. The strange thing is that they don't read any exsistence of other drive except my old drives (c: and e:), but the usb read an external hd's been connected.
    I don't understand with all of this. Now I'm thinking is this because I partitioned my master (C:) drive into two partitions (C: and E:)?? But I'm sure it shouldn't be like that...:(
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