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Hey there, I have recently encountered the infamous " Reboot and select proper boot device. " this occurred after I formatted my 500GB Hard Drive. I am a bit of a noob and I forgot that this would wipe off my windows too. I had lost the windows CD so I went to other means (torrenting, I know I'm a scumbag) to get the ISO of the Windows 7 Ultimate CD and burned Windows 7 to a DVD. Then I put the disk in and it won't boot. It just gives me the error message. I am currently trying to make a bootable USB drive and do it that way but I am doubtful that this will work. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem and gotten it fixed because I am desperate for getting this fixed and really would appreciate any help or replies that this post gets. Thanks and Please Help Me! :D
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  1. People here won't help someone that is using illegal software. Go out and buy a copy of Windows. We can't prove you ever had a legal copy of Windows and helping someone with illegal software is against the rules on Tom's.
  2. It simple mistake that can be solved rather easy.... (If i'm not guessing wrong)

    but sorry cannot help u since the win7 is not legit...
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