Few questions with BATTERY on my new laptop.

With batteries on laptops, do you usually want to let them die out completely and then recharge it? Is this better for the battery? Or is keeping it on charger most of the time fine? Does letting it get to 30-50% and then charging it fine?
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  1. Come on, 27 views and no response? I want to know how to take proper care of my new notebook, otherwise the battery might mess up permanently.
  2. Heyas

    What I am about to say, applies only to notebooks with Lithium Ion batteries (98% on the market). If you take a a look at your battery, it should say Li-Ion, or similar. If its says Ni-MH, then ignore below.

    Lithium Ion battery packs do not have a memory effect, nor are they effected by the charging/discharging cycles. Essentially, it does not matter whether u repeatedly drain it down to 20% before recharging, only use 10% before recharging, or whether u widely vary how you use the battery. For example, typical use of a laptop might be -

    Discharge to 50%
    Charge back up to 95%
    Discharge down to 20%
    Charge back to 45%
    Discharge again to 15%
    Fully charge to 100%
    which the battery is perfectly happy with.
    etc etc etc.

    In other words, dont worry at all about how you use the battery/discharge it.

    HOWEVER, if you use your laptop in a situation where its plugged in long term, and the battery is not used often, it IS a good idea to remove the notebook battery, and plug it back in every few weeks or so for a top-up.

    ALSO, do NOT fully discharge Lithium Ion batteries e.g. below 3-5%, but I'm sure your laptop's power managmennt would have kicked in and shut your laptop down at 8% or so anyway.
  3. Exactly what techno sponge said.
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