I7 core plus dual 1 GB graphic cards laptop?

Just wondering if theres a laptop with both specifications, i know Sager has a model with i7 and other with dual Nvidia 1 GB, but is there a model with both? If not, do you know when will be released? thanks
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  1. There is a version of the Sager (Clevo D900) that is out in the UK that has both i7 and SLI cards, but I'm not sure when it will be coming to the US.

    Ok, nevermind. Wrong laptop. The one with dual 280's comes with mobile CPUs and is an 18.4'' screen. Intel's mobile CPUs are pretty much on par with their desktop counterparts. Any particular reason you need an i7?
  2. I am also interested in such a setup b/c of the rendering performance of i7 (eg 3ds max) and the gaming performance of sli.
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