Computer hangs on bootup after critical update

My windows 7 computer hung when i started it the other day. The startup repair did not work after several attempts. I tried to choose an old restore point and it gave me a message "you must enable protection on this drive" Problem was, it did not allow me to check the drive box or give any option to enable protection....So, i started a system restore of the software, keeping data intact. It did its thing and presented a message "setup could not install windows on this systems hardware" It then reboots and comes back with " windows could not complete the installation. To install windows on this computer, restart the installation." It just keeps rebooting and returning this message....i cannot restart the installation.... the only other info i got was after the initial startup repair it said this :

System disk=\device\hardisk0
windows directory = d:\windows
autock = 0
number of root causes = 1

this all happend after a critical windows update by the way....

Not a total computer dummy, but def not an expert...any help would b
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  1. Other than the updates, what else has changed (if anything) recently? Also, is this a legal, activated version of Windows 7?

    What are the specs for this system?
  2. I've seen this before. What I suggest doing is putting in your windows 7 disc and choosing custom install. One of the options will be repair install. Try that and report back.
  3. If a repair install does not work, you will probably have to do a full install; I cannot recall what install I had to do to fix my laptop, but I felt like it was a full install but it also kept my old data in a windows.old file, can anyone confirm whether this was a full install or not?
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