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WirelessMediaPlayer (WMP)-PC2TV–Streaming Video in a Website

Last response: in Other Consumer Electronics
July 4, 2007 6:58:06 PM

Hello All,

Following is my Question:

In Brief: I am looking for a Wireless Media Player, which catches the STREAMING VIDEO in my PC and TRANSMITS it to TV.

In Detail:

    At my home, both PC and TV are in two different rooms, so I cannot connect them using S-Video cable.
    I am accessing a Website, in which it STREAMS regional TV Channel continuously and I watch it in PC.
    As this is a STREAMING channel, I cannot save the Video to PC.
    Now I have a situation, I want to watch this channel in TV instead of PC.
    I am looking for Wireless Media Player (WMP) which can TRANSMIT this Video in PC to TV.

    1.Is there any available Hardware (wireless media players) with which I can achieve this?
    2.I went to Best Buy & Circuit City, they said DLink & Buffalo WMP’s will transmit Video from PC to TV, but the Video has to be saved into PC first. They said, these cannot transmit Streaming Video from PC to TV. Is this True?
    3.I am looking for one which is less than 150 bucks. I believe, it’s better to buy a Laptop (around $400 Dual Core) than buying this hardware with more bucks.

Thank you all in Advance.
April 1, 2008 8:57:09 AM

I recommend you to use the paid service. I was using free limited windows media streaming at After that I switched paid service.
maybe the first you will try free service,I am confident that you will be happy
May 6, 2008 9:47:39 PM

Hey, dec60228:

Here’s the answer you’re looking for – PC2TV. This technology allows you to wirelessly stream any PC content – not just internet-based media – to your TV screen, over 802.11. The biggest draw is that you never have to worry about codec or file format compatibility. Anything playing on your PC will be reproduced on your TV. I even use it to look over my PowerPoint presentations for work, without having to sit in an office chair and stare at my laptop.

Quartics-developed PC2TV technology and it is available from a number of vendors, like AddLogix ( or D-Link (