Need Advice Quickly Buying Very Soon!

Which of these 3 LCD monitor is better in gaming? I want to run a 8800gts 320mb possibly the 8800gts 640mb. I like the price of the Westinghouse but I like the size of the Acer and the Samsung specs look great too.
-Samsung 19" 206BW $210.00
-2ms response time
-2000:1 contrast ratio
-Westinghouse 19" L1975NW $150.00
-5ms response time
-700:1 contrast ratio
-Acer 22" AL2216Wbd $199.99
-5ms response time
-700:1 contrast ratio

or if you know of a better one? I don't want to spend more than $225.00
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  1. Anyone? Please...
  2. Since you have the 8800GTS 640MB, I would get the Acer 22" otherwise the power of the GPU would be "wasted".

    Yeah, the Westinghouse 19" widescreen is cheap, but it is also small. It's about the same height as a 17" standard 4:3 LCD monitor.

    See the following thread about actual size differences between standard and widescreen monitors:

    Don't cheap out on the display because that is the component you will be using and seeing the most.
  3. Would you still recommend 22in with a 1680 x 1050 if i went with the 320mb 8800gts ? Or does that resolution need the 640mb version? btw thanks for responding i appreciate it.
  4. In most benchmarks the performance difference between the 320MB & 640MB version is only 4FPS or less (or none) at 1600 x 1200 which is not too far off from 1680 x 1050. In many cases an overclocked 8800GTS 320MB will beat it's bigger brother.

    However, there are a couple of games where the 640MB version will simply rock the 320MB; such as company Of Heroes, Neverwinter Nights 2 and Gothic 3. I suppose those three games really uses a lot of textures at higher resolutions.

    See the following review for benchmarks:

    Here's another review from with more games. The "regular" 8800GTS has 640MB. Only Quake 4 show a significant difference.

    If it was my decision, I would buy the 8800GTS 320MB and overclock it. Or buy an overclocked version if it is still a lot cheaper than the 8800GTS 640MB.
  5. thanks for the help jaguar
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