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Does it matter if I have my OS installed on a seperate drive? can this improve performance? if so, will it be a dramatic increase and why?
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  1. You mean putting the os on on disk and putting everything else (apps, data, etc) on a diff disk?
    That would serve no performance increase at all unless one disk is faster thant the other. Put the os and apps on the faster disk and data storage on the slower disk.

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  2. yes, i meant to put the OS including "Program Files" on a seperate drive. and Data on another drive. Unless their is a difference in speed between the drives you say there will be no performance increase?
  3. Yup, there would be no gain at all.

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  4. I beg to differ, with os on one drive and swap file and data on another, you get simultanious reads and writes, which would increase performance slightly.

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  5. This is true. I think overall it really won't make to much of a diff, especially if it is a fast hard drive. Just keep swap at a fixed size and it is usually good enough.

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