Digital Picture Frame or Portable DVD?

I'm looking for a Digital Picture Frame and then saw the price is almost the same as a Portable DVD, since portable DVD can also show picture, which is more worth it? A digital picture frame or i hang the portable DVD and make it into a digital picture frame? anyone comments please :)
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  1. I would prefer a portable DVD player.
    A portable DVD player provides also the function of watch good movies.
    You may also connect it to other display units like a big television or even a projector.
    The extendability of portable DVD player is better.
    However, a digital picture frame is more handy, and quicker in response.
    If you are doing some roadshow to promote your products, a digital picture frame is more appealing and convenient.
    Afterall, what matters is how you will use it.
  2. Portable DVD uses optical lens to read the data. I don't think it's design to work for 1 week contenuesly. Digital Picture Frame has that advantage.

    Like danmarhk said "what matters is how you will use it."
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