Terratec or audigy 2 value

Hi i just want to know what type of terratec which got approximately the same power with audigy 2 value ?
Which one is better? because what i know terratec is cheaper,i need it for music,and movie,games as well,now i got confuse because i got information that terratec is better in music and movie quality rather than audigy 2 value but in gaming audigy 2 vaule is better ,is that correct?

Any help will be appreciated..
thankss :)
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  1. I assume you are talking about the Terratec Aureon 5.1 PCI? That seems to be the only one cheaper than the audigy2 value. Just by comparing a few specs I can tell you that the Audigy2 value is way better.
    Aureon 5.1 PCI:
    16bit 48khz
    EAX 2.0

    Audigy2 value:
    24bit 96khz
    EAX 4.0

    Audigy sound cards will usually always be better in games due to EAX 4.0. As for sound quality for other things they are pretty damned good though I have never had anything but onboard sound and audigy so I can't really compare it to other manufacturers. You cant beat the Dolby Digital EX and DTS ES decoding for movies. The only major downfall of the audigy sound cards is for 7.1 you need to have a creative labs 7.1 system. They use a proprietary digital signal that only works on their speakers :(
    I'd just get the audigy2 value, it is a good card at a good price.

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  2. thanks for the reply,how about terrate 5.1 fun, is it better than audigy 2 value ? so what u suggesting is just go for audigy 2 value ? is the difference between 16bit 48khz and 24bit 96khz gonna be big in term of clear sound ?
    Is there anyone have any experience using audigy 2 value or terratec, can u share it with me ?
    thanks for any reply..
  3. i have the Audigy 2 Value...a winner in my book. technically, the 24-bits at 96kHz DOES make a difference in sound quality, but only if you use media that's encoded at that high a bit rate, like DVD-Audio and Windows Media 9.

    if you record, those specs are very useful, as the resampling (by using effects, compression, etc.) inherent in recording degrades sound quality. starting at the highest possible bit rate, it guarantees that the final product is left with the best possible sound. im a casual guitarist, so this is an awesome thing for me.

    just listening to regular MP3s, the Audigy 2 Value is great. gaming: even better. i cant speak for the Terratec...but im in love with my sound card, and i dont even plan on getting any DVD-Audio disks any time soon.
  4. I belive the terratec 5.1 fun is also only a 16bit sound card. Just get the audigy2 value, you will be guarenteed quality. One of the terratec sound cards "might" have better sound quality in some area but it will be a hit and miss thing and you will likely blow a lot of cash trying to find it. The Audigy is known good in all areas so you dont have to worry about it.

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  5. So is there any soundcard with price approximately equal with audigy 2 value have a better quality than audigy 2 value ? actually i will be using it most for listening to mp3,is it revolution 5.1 is the best for music?or audigy 2 value is still on the top of all?
    thanks ...
  6. Sry for the late reply, I'm on vacation in hawaii right now and it is hard to find a free internet connection :)
    Just get the audigy2 value, you can't go wrong with it. It will be a VERY good card for a good price. There might be a better card out there but you would have to buy each one of them to find out.
    The only other soundcards I would go for are Turtlebeach and M-Audio. They make fairly decent sound cards for the price. The only major reason to go with one of those is if you want to do a 7.1 system. The audigy cards only put out 7.1 via a proprietary digital cable to only creative labs 7.1 speakers. Every other card on earth has separate analog connections for each channel.

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