Looking at buying a compact camera!

Hi guys

I'm looking at buying a digital camera under $600(Australian Dollars).
The two models that I have been suggested (at a retailer store..) are:

1. Canon IXUS 65 (price $599AUS)
2. Olympus MJU 810 (price $599AUS)

After doing my reviews research in http://www.viewscore.com/vsCP/3 I've found out that the Canon might be a little bit better. What do you think???

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  1. Suggest you google reviews of each camera and look at professional reviews, there are some very good professional camera review sites. From the reviews I've read over the years Canons always do well. Panasonic and Casio generally do well. Cameras are like most most technology, cars, computers, audio systems, etc, what's best depends on your budget, how you'll use it, what's important to you.

    Here are a couple I like but there are more.
    http://www.dp review.com/news/0602/06022109canonsd600.asp
  2. My suggestion are a few. One that seems to be really good is
    - canon powershot S5 IS.
    - Canon powershot SD800 IS

    There is a site called SIG Electronics, they have pretty good prices on cameras. Check it out.

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