going insane on my 3rd box

(Msg. 5) Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2007 3:26 am
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I have a Humax Series 2, a Vonage modem, a regular Linksys router, and a linksys 200m ethernet adapter (which part of it broke off, i have to tape the cable to it!grr).. everything was working fine with my refurbished box (now i'm on the 3rd box) until a few weeks ago when it froze and i had to get a new box sent out since the scandisk command didn't work.. now i'm going through the craziness with the initial call setup.. i have tried all the prefixes, every possible combination.. i have even unplugged the ethernet cable from the tivo that goes to the router and routed to the ethernet port directly on the Vonage modem.. no luck yet.. everytime I try a prefix i have to hold the ethernet cable against the contacts on the adapter, it is so frustrating.. i'll probably buy a new adapter, but i don't think that it is the adapter.. Humax tech support was idiotic, they said that the adapter isn't compatible.. then how did i get it to work 4 months ago, was it magic? why does tivo list the Linksys200m adapter if it isn't compatible? anyone have any advice? i'm about to sue HumaxTivo since I have now spent over $900 on Tivo since they love to ship old software on new boxes, they don't include ethernet jacks yet they support broadband, etc..
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  1. details:

    the ethernet adapter was plugged in when i booted up..

    i have tried ,#401 ; ,#034 ; ,#036 ; ,#019 with *99 and *70

    i disabled the phone detection and dial tone
  2. i think i figured out my problem.. my ethernet adapter Linksys200m will not work with the Humax because the drivers aren't loaded on there until the OS is updated to 4.0

    i bought a belkin to try that since it's an older one and others reported success (not sure if they had DirectTivo), hopefully it will work..
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