Copying C: drive & OS to another disk

Hi there, first and all that.

I'm trying to transfer my boot drive/c: drive to another disk (actually, a raid 0 array of x2 500Gb disks) by creating an image of it, and i'm having trouble doing it using the system image recovery profram within W7.

Can this actually be achieved or do I need to use a third party program ?

Thanks for any help.
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  1. I am personally not familiar with using the system recovery program in Windows 7 so I couldn't help you with that. I've done quite a bit of imaging with Acronis and it works really well for me. Another one we use for image recover is called Shadowprotect and works well also.
  2. Can the W7 easy transfer wizard help with this ?
  3. I believe the easy transfer wizard will help you if you decide to just reinstall W7 from scratch. Then you would run it again and it would import all your settings and files.
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