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Where can you order the Medusa 5.1 Surround Headset? I cannot find it on the web.
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  1. Howdy,

    Depending on where in the world you are I suppose there are a few places to get them. Some UK places I quickly pulled up selling speed link stuff (oddly they don't sell it themselves as far as I can tell)


    Prices vary as you shop around so my best advice would be to trawl through Google. They're worth it...
  2. Does anyone know of any US retailers for this headset, it seems all have to be shipped from UK which adds mucho money to the cost.
  3. Try Hours Computers
    They're Canadian, and so is the price so shipping shouldn't be too much of a worry.
  4. (us retailer)

    Comes with US 110V PS and cost over $100... Author needs to change the price on his article.
  5. As we said at the beginning of the article, those are guide prices only. That’s the RRP we were quoted and what others sell it for is not up to us. Also, remember that speed-link is a European based company, so there’s a good chance the price we’ve stated (that they stated to us… with me still?) is a European estimate. Sorry mate… they’re still worth it, though ;-)
  6. Well i read this artcle and wanted to get the Medusa 5.1 but no one sells them :\ wat kind of joke is that, i can get the senheisers for $35.00 and there are pleny of retailers for it. you need to change the price, no one sells the Medusa for for the price you had.
    NOTE: These units only come with the European power connectors. A North American power adapter is required.
    Thanks for telling us that in your article o wait you didnt, now i need to find a guide that reviews headsets i can buy.
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  7. 'tis a legal thing about RRP's. Leave it with us...

    And as far as we know they should come with an American power adapter. Though that's down to the supplier ordering the correct models. There's very little we can do about that I'm afraid.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Aaron on 07/14/05 01:15 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  8. Just to clear up any mis-understandings...

    Speed-Link are the Manufacturers. They do not sell direct.

    After Hours Computers are the UK Based parent company for...

    Medusa-Canada www.medusa-canada
    Medusa-New Zealand

    All of the four Medusa Companies ship direct to the relevant countries and 'exclusively' include a North American Power Supply with all the Non-USB models via the USA and Canadian websites.

    After Hours supply and so consequently Ncix include the North American Power Supply too.

    The Medusa sites have lower priced 'OEM' versions available for end-users who are purchasing for themselves and therefore do not require the very pretty Retail packaging. Large Discounts are also available for members purchasing two or more units in one go.
  9. I have a question for Aaron. What sound card did you use to test the Medusa headset? Do you have a recommendation? Thanks.
  10. Sorry I missed this. Obviously for the 5.1 I had to use a 5.1 capable soundcard (though the USB ones don't need a sound card as they have drivers that emulate one). I used the Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2, and it worked a treat.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I don't currently have an Audigy 2. Will the Medusa headset allow me to get 5.1 with an Audigy 2? I have one on its way in the mail (Medusa). I'm just not sure which sound card I'm going to pair it up with.
  12. Anything that's 5.1 will do, though the quality of each individual soundcard may differ - for that I'd look into soundcard reviews. Personally I swear by Creative at the moment.
  13. Aaron,

    I just got my Medusa headset in the mail. First off, I want to say that I received it EXTREMELY quickly (all the way from overseas). Secondly, the packaging was first rate and everything was included that I needed.

    I am having some small troubles though. I'm getting a clicking noise that goes away if you hold the cable connections that go into the amplifier box.

    Also, as you're familiar with the Creative cards, could you tell me which inputs I need to use on my Audigy 1 card? I basically have input 1, 2, and 3. I just don't seem to be getting the sound I'm supposed to.

    I emailed Medusa-USA but didn't get much help from "Matt."

    Thanks again and I can't wait to start enjoying the 5.1 surround :)
  14. I'm not so sure about the clicking noise - I certainly didn't encounter it, though do bear in mind the reversed thingymajigs... yokies... *refuses to go back and read own review to come up with more technical term*

    Bear in mind when sticking the cables in that the rear and centre/sub cables are labeled blue and red respectively instead of black and orange, which is the standard on most sound cards.

    Any other problems, let me know... apart from the (Ohh bugger... *goes and gets the thingy*) center and sub-channels being reversed I didn't have too much trouble with them.
  15. I just got the headset, and I have an Audigy 2, how do you go about reversing the center/sub if they need to be switched (I'm not sure if it needs it or not, but that's what all the reviews say). Right now center/sub is connected by 1 cord, so I don't see how I can swap them.

  16. Are you using the amp? If so, you should have a set of cables coming from the soundcard to the amp. These are the ones you need to switch around.
  17. Aaron, I'm sorry, but I'm still confused by your comment about switching the sub/center channes. I just purchased the Medusa 5.1, and the amp's 3 analog jacks mirror my Audigy 2 ZS'. There is a FRONT, REAR, and SUB/CENTER jack. Since the sub and center channel are combined into one jack, how can they be switched? I couldn't find any options in my Creative software to switch these channels.

    Has anyone else experienced a problem with not being able to plug the jacks in all the way? If I plug the "front" jack in all the way, I get no sound out of my left ear at all. But if I pull it out a little bit, then I do. Is this normal? I hate having to "jimmy" wires in order to get them to work. I feel like I'm possibly not getting the full performance I should be getting.
  18. Okay, I found some pretty good directions for reversing the sub/center channel using the cables supplied from Medusa. Still a little confusing, but here they are. However, this problem seems to be more common with onboard 5.1 audio with certain motherboards, and a majority of soundcards (including Creative and Hercules) do not have this problem. You only need to switch the center/sub channels if you hear washed-out dialog and a boombing sound coming through your headphones (the Gladiator DVD is a good reference for this).

    Aaron, is this what you did?

    Reversing sub/center channels using provided cables:

    1) Connect Cable A [look at the manual, page 3] to your sound card as usual. Connect the front and rear channels to the amplifier box.

    2) Connect the the other end of the sub/center 3.5mm jack plug of Cable A to Cable C.

    3) Connect the Cable C with Cable B so that the white RCA connector goes to the red RCA connector and vice versa.

    4) Connect the Cable B to the sub/center input of the amplifier box.
  19. hey guys, i too have purchased these headphones and i have an audigy2, 5.1 capable sound card. However, i don't have the front, rear and sub/centre outputs on my sound card. Therefore my question is, how do i connect this headset to my pc to obtain 5.1??

    Thx in advance
  20. To Mr. Green, and probably anyone having problems with tinny, quiet or missing channels

    With 5.1 capable sound cards like yours and my own, 5.1 outputs take the place of the ports normally used for Audio Out (green), Line In (Blue) and Mic (Red), and, seeing as the manual for these headsets doesn't come with a direct guide for people without labelled ports, after swapping around a few times and running a few tests to make sure, i found that (in my case, and hopefully your's too) that the sockets were arranged this way:

    Audio Out (Green) = "Front"

    Line In (Blue) = "Sub/Cen"

    Mic (Red) = "Rear"

    You also have to ensure that you have enabled 5.1 on your sound card in order for these headsets to work properly as i'm sure most people do, but for those that don't know how to do this, simply follow these steps:

    1. Click Start and select Control Panel
    2. Select The icon that has the word sounds etc on it, and select "sound and Audio Devices"
    3. In the box that pops up, go to the bottom of the box and select "advanced" in the speaker settings box
    4. Choose 5.1 in the "Speaker Setup" box drop down menu and then click ok, and then ok again to exit the sounds and audio devices menu.

    Your sound card should now be set up for 5.1 output, but remember that you may also need to select 5.1 audio output in any games or dvd player programs that you use for the headset to work with them, as all programs have their own independant audio settings, and probably wont automatically adjust themselves.

    I hope this helps you guys who are having problems, the medusa headset is a brilliant headset, with great sound quality and they're really comfortable to wear for long periods of time, much better than the old generics 2.1 headset i had before :)

    Download this file:,77/ and if everything is set up correctly it should play each sound position in sequence.
  21. I have a problem with this headset; all 5.1 channels bar 'left' channel are played in the right earphone i think only the front channel works in 5.1 mode because it's the only one that affects the volume. Really don't know what the problem could be.

    i know all the speakers work because when i use the stereo plug adaptor thingy and adjust all the channels seperately they all affect the overall volume just as they should.

    EDIT: It's not a problem with the headphones or the amp as they work great on a dvd player, guess that it's my creative audigy 2 NX which i can't get to recognise my 5.1 setup any ideas?
  22. The center and sub-channels are reversed - just use the extender cables to reverse the center and sub channels in order for the setup to work properly.
  23. Hi all! A friend and I ordered our Medusa 5.1 headsets recently from After all the rave reviews from this and other sites, I had no doubt I would be impressed. Well be that as it may, I'm not impressed, at all. For one, the "North American" power adapter this supposedly include is the Euro version, but with a pin adapter so it will fit in a US style outlet. But the adapter is still rated for a "220V" input. Maybe this doesn't make a difference, or maybe it does, but hear me out.

    The main thing is that these sound horrible. They are very quiet, and if you try to turn them up enough to a normal listening level, they are heavily distorted, as if all the speakers are blown. I have tested these with an Audigy 2 with center/sub normal and reversed, and also on my new Shuttle SN26P which uses the VIA Vinyl Envy24 audio chip (tried with sub/center normal and reversed as well). Both of these sound cards sound superb on my Klipsch Promedias, so I know the audio quality problem is not from the source.

    One thing that I did notice is that the amp light flickers like mad, as if its being overloaded or something. But this occurs at even modest volume levels. I would think my set was defective, but my friend had ordered the twin set, and he has the exact same problem. He even went as far as to purchase a true US AC adapter that should have worked just fine, but the problem persists. He is using an Audigy2.

    Like the other fellow wrote in, the bass is practically non-existant. They vibrate a little, but not enough to be more than barely noticeable.

    It seems that a lot of you have had good luck with these, but I'm curious if anyone else has been experiencing these issues. Medusa-usa does not accept returns, or so it says on their site. And I'd really like to be able to use these, as I am not always able to use my speakers. But for now my Sony MDR-180 (just average headphones) sound 10X better.

    Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've tried just about everything I can think of.

    Please help! :P

    Also worthy of note is on both the Envy24 and Audigy2, I made sure they were set for 5.1 sound, and ran the speaker tests on both cards to make sure the correct channels were being sent to the appropriate speakers in the headset.
  24. :(

    Same problem here spent most of the evening trying figure out if I'd done a bad wiring job or not. I'm using these with an audigy 2 zs and the front speakers seem to sound too tiny. I thought the medusas would be a great upgrade to the gainward 5.1 headset I've been using. I pretty sure the wirings correct the gainwards sound fine when I plug them in to the medusa amp . I figured that the headphones from medusa must me faulty. Does anyone own a pair that works correctly?

    More people with problems here
  25. Well I'm in the same boat, me and 2 of my friends bought 3 sets of the headphones(recieved them 2 days ago)and all of us are less than impressed to say the LEAST! all the rave reviews made me buy a pair and they sound as if every speaker in them is blown as the above poster said also. now its 3 different people on 3 different computers with 3 different soundcards and all are having the exact same problem (audigy 2, turtle beach, and x-fi thought i know about the x-fi problems with these headphones) everything is set the way it should be i even set my main volume to 50% on my pc and tried to ajust the headphones but to no avail, even at volumes where you can barely hear anythig you can still hear the distortion and it becomes almost painful to even play BF2 where a minutes worth is about as much as i can handle since you can't make out whats going on anyway. I hope theres something that might be able to be done any ideas?
  26. My rear speakers seem to have no bass, the rear right doesn't work at all, and my vib wheel seems to do nothing. Anybody come up with any solutions to anything like this? My speakers work fine running through the amp, so I know it's not a sound card issue.
  27. I honestly have no idea... apart from the dodgy wiring setup, I had no problems with them at all and they did what I wrote about. *points at Speed-Link*
  28. well this really sucks, speed link is not really any help if there is any help to be even had or the headphones might just suck, different people hear different things I guess and of course they have no money back garantee, so I'm stuck with a big o'l paper weight :(
  29. I gone done emailed Creative and Speedlink hoping to get some ideas, but haven't gotten a response yet. I did notice today though that when I turn on my desk lamp while using the headphones, I can distinctly hear it click on/off through my headphones. I think it might have something to do with the power/adapter, I think I'm going to check out some other adapters and see how those work out.
  30. Well I found that I bought a actual voltage converter for the amp ($14) and bought some higher quailty interconnects and if you pull out the jacks from the back just a little bit and mess with each one you can get much better sound, but really thats is stupid and you shouldn't have to do that but if it works i guess might as well giver a try. I also found that just plug the wires into whatever and trial and error works best since its all messed up in the back of the amp. even though the test tones are messed up and on side of the left sounds muffled when in game it atleast makes the games more bareable.
  31. Hi Aaron and all thread postees..

    There are a number of FAQ's available on our support pages which deal with just about all the queries that people have thrown at you.

    In amongst them there is also a set-up guide including how to connect the cabling on Creative's ZS and X-Fi cards.

    Medusa-USA prides itself on the unique one-on-one almost instant personal after sales service. Anyone with a query as to the workings, or not, of the Medusa range of headsets should contact us first for a solution to the problem rather than wasting precious time asking the wrong people. Aaron is an excellent reviewer NOT a support engineer who has all the answers.

    We are here to help, just contact us via the support page.

    Matthew E Mason-Phipps
  32. Oh man, looks like that FAQ has all I need. Thanks Matt! I emailed both you and Creative regarding support, I was just posting here to see if anybody else had the error and what they did to fix it.

    Thank you!
  33. Well now, problem solved. Glory be and such.
  34. Hi all! Thanks for the replies. I figured out the problem with my headest. It *was* in fact the power supply. I finally managed to find an old univeral AC adapter laying around the house that I hadn't seen since the 80's.. lol. I set it to 7.5V. Its only rated at 300 mA but it does the job more than nicely. The headset is in fact very nice, just don't use the european power adapter it comes with.
  35. Quote:
    My rear speakers seem to have no bass, the rear right doesn't work at all, and my vib wheel seems to do nothing. Anybody come up with any solutions to anything like this? My speakers work fine running through the amp, so I know it's not a sound card issue.

    I'm Having the exact same symptoms. I've tried turning off CMSS like it says in the FAQ if you have weak bass, but it didn't help. I'm using an Audigy 2 for my soundcard, and in games the bass is extremely weak and the rear speakers are extremely tinny (sounds like no low-range to them at all). The werid thing is, in PowerDVD when I watch a movie they sound great. The VIB knob works and the sound is fantastic. However, in any other application the sound isn't nearly as good (ie. Windows Media Player, Call Of Duty 2). I've got the speakers set correctly in windows (as 5.1 speaker set) and in the creative speaker setup utility.

    I'm extremely frustrated with this headset. I guess I'll try going and buying a new power adapter (like Chosen01), but I doubt very much it will help. I'm wondering what AnGR5 did to fix his problem? Any other ideas?
  36. Ok guys, time to stand up and be counted.

    It would appear from a couple of postings in this thread that the Power Supply and Adapter that we include in the North American packs fails to work in certain situations/locations (especially in Canada).

    I would state for the record that since including this combination we have shipped over 500+ units and only know of a handful that have caused concern. However a handful is enough for us to take responsibility and make the following offer to anyone who feels they are suffering poor performance purely as a result of the power supply...

    Medusa-USA Customers
    Please complete the support request form here.. and a replacement higher rated power supply will be sent to you free of charge from our US support desk.

    Medusa-Canada Customers
    Here is the one I would recommend to you .....
    You can purchase from one of these stores close to you..

    Please purchase one and if it cures your problem we will re-imburse you fully for whatever it costs you (excluding any shipping). Average price for the M500R is around $12 CAD.

    If anyone has any further queries regarding this or any other Medusa issue please contact me direct via my personal email rather than fill this thread with questions that can easily be cured via email.


    Matthew E Mason-Phipps
  37. Quote:
    I'm wondering what AnGR5 did to fix his problem?

    Actually, I had jumped the gun, I suppose, I didn't quite mean that I had fixed my problems but that I was excited that there were some things in that FAQ that I hadn't tried that I was hoping would work. I'm still getting the same problems as before, but I'm going to take them up on their free power adapter offer.
  38. Quote:
    Actually, I had jumped the gun, I suppose, I didn't quite mean that I had fixed my problems but that I was excited that there were some things in that FAQ that I hadn't tried that I was hoping would work.

    Damn. :)
  39. You're not the only one.
  40. Well, I went and picked up a new power adapter today, and it noticably improved the sound quality from the rear and center channels, however it had no effect on the 'low bass' that I was experiencing in windows and in games.

    That said, I was able to get the great bass that I was hoping for! As I began to suspect, the headphones were working fine (special thanks to the great customer support I got yesterday from Medusa International). The problem (I think) was that in normal applications, no signal was being sent out on the 'subwoofer' channel. PowerDVD does its own decoding of the DVD audio and as a result sent the correct output to the subwoofer channel as well as the rest of the speakers, but my Audigy card wasn't sending any signal in other applications (because they weren't specifically outputting on the subwoofer channel). Since my speakers were all doing the 'Channel Test' correctly, I figured that they were hooked up in the right order, so I'm pretty confident this was the problem.
    In order to fix it, I had to enable 'Bass Redirect' and turn up the 'Crossover Frequency' in my Audigy control panel (Bass Managment tab in the Speaker Settings panel). This setting apparently analyses the signals sent to the satellite speakers, and redirects (or copies, I'm not sure which) the low frequency signals to the subwoofer channel. Since I've enabled it, I'm able to 'feel' the bass a lot more when playing MP3's and in games.

    The steps I did to turn on Crossover are:
    1. Open the 'Creative Volume Control' application (the Creative-supplied sound-mixer that replaces the windows sound mixer)
    2. Click on the 'Speaker Settings' button (the little picture of the speaker in the bottom of the mixer panel). This opens the 'Speaker Settings' panel where you would go to change the setting for the number of speakers (2,2.1,5.1, etc..).
    3. Click on the 'Bass Managment' tab on the top of the panel.
    4. Click and enable the 'Bass Redirect' option on this screen (second box down) and pull up the 'Crossover Frequency' slider (this sets how high of a frequency to redirect to the subwoofer channel). I have mine set at about 90%, but you can see what works for you.
    5. Ensure that the 'Subwoofer Volume' slider is turned up.

    Its pretty much cleared up all the problems I've been having! The headset is sounding great now! A big improvement! :)
  41. One more quick thing, I just found this program that is great help in determining if your positional audio is working/calibrated correctly. Its called "RightMark 3d Sound" and it lets you test out playing sounds, moving them around to the various speakers, and all the EAX/Directsound stuff you could hope for.

    Available from the downloads section here

    Hopefully it'll help some of you out with your problems!
  42. I tried the bass redirection twice now and I can't get it to work yet. I've already used the RightMark thing and for some reason my rear right speaker isn't working, so I'm still at a loss as to why that is, otherwise I think if the replacement power adapter doesn't work I might try the USB version.
  43. Just as a suggestion, to test if its the speaker or the output thats the problem (for your rear-left speaker not working), you could try plugging the cord that goes OUT from your WORKING front left/right output on your soundcard (we know it works because your Front left/right are working correctly) into your REAR left/Right on the amp for the headset. If the rear left speaker STILL doesn't work, then its probably a problem with the headset itself (I'd still try the new power adapter tho). Alternetly you should try plugging your rear left/right OUTPUT from your soundcard into the front left/right jack on the amp. If the front left speaker stops playing sounds, then it would indicate the problem is with the soundcard (not the headphones).

    Did you try anything like that?
  44. I ordered mine from Medusa-USA and I ended up getting a non-us power adapter. Not a problem really a problem to me if I radioshack has a compatible adapter. If there's one thing I hate, it's waiting on shipping.
  45. You would have received a US power plug and adapter. Contact us direct and we will advise where it is.

  46. I picked up one of those 'universal adapters' from radioshack to replace the european one I received. Just take in the european one and tell them that you need to get a North American replacement, and they should be able to get you the one you need.
  47. Anyone bought one of these since they started including the new powersupply? I want to know if I spend 129 bucks if it's going to work right away or if I have to go play at radioshack to make it work.

    Also, anyone else know anywhere I can get these for cheaper then 129? Ebay and Amazon both have about teh same price. doesn't even carry.
  48. Count me in as another US buyer with exactly the same problems as described in this thread.

    Count me also as one who hasn't had good results trying a 7.5 plug.

    Chime in folks. What results are you having?

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