Do i install softwares in other drives rather than "C"

My "C" drive is almost full, What if I install softwares (adobe utilities, media players etc) in "D" or "E" for saving the consumption of drive "C"?
I need to know that will this method slows down my pc or will negatively effect windows or something else??
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  1. How close to being full is it? Where do you keep your data files? What's in your MY Documents folder? You can install programs to another drive, but it may not necessarily make it faster. Are these separate physical drives?
  2. Is D and E a partician or actual second hard drives?
  3. D and E are partitions.
    About 4.5 gb remaining from 40 GB c drive
  4. Could you possibly buy and add in a new drive?
  5. Install your games on any Drive you fancy, but I would put all things that I would like to keep in the event of having to do a Windows Re-Install such as Movies, Songs or Pictures.
  6. FYI, unless you've had that 40GB HDD in a drawer for the past 5 years or so it's on borrowed time. My suggestion would be to get an SSD to boot from and keep a few programs like games and also a large external drive for storage. Works for me. BTW, the external is also visible from any computer on my LAN.
  7. I had tendency to put all my games to one drive, apps at other, data at another one, and OS+ primary used apps on SSD.... :D (It's easier in backup and problems recovery)

    well I'm not noticing any slowdown or anything like it..
  8. haseeb_asgamer23 said:
    D and E are partitions.
    About 4.5 gb remaining from 40 GB c drive

    Do you have anything on those other partitions? You can delete them if they are empty and extend your volume to fill the empty space and expand your c drive, if you are using Win7
  9. Well After all comments,,, I think that now I had to buy a new drive.. d:)
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