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I have a Nokia 6275i cell and 2 gigs in it.
The only headsets I can use with the phone are made by Nokia.
They have a stupid port on the bottom of the phone and I cannot use anything else.
Anyway the problem is with BOTH headsets, their ear pieces are HUGE. I am no elephant, I am 200 lbs but even still these things fall out of my ears real easy as a result!

So here is my question. I have in-ear headsets from another company and I want to cut the wires just at the point where they goto the ear piece, and do the same for the nokia headset, then use the smaller earpieces with the nokia headset...Bad description?

Use the small earpieces with the nokia headset by soldering them this possible? I know I will void the warranty on the headset but I don't care.

Give me your opinions on this little project please before I electrocute my ears :)
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  1. Anyone?
    Should I splice my earbuds onto my nokia headset?
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