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I'm going nuts, I keep on getting this error message in Windows2003 on one of the hdd drives in the server. Its a 200Gb WDC 7200rpm. Symptoms.. When the error message appears it says it can't write to a certain file called ..\\\mft$ or something like that. Lots of files then disapperas from the drive. (They come back after a reboot) but when the error message comes back, the problem is back again. The drive is connected to the motherboard with an 80 wire 40pin cable. The motherboards is a Abit AT7-MAx2. I can't remember if its connected to the main hdd controllers or the HPT374 Raid controller, but I think its the main IDE controller. Any idea?? Its driving me nuts. Ive seen some other messyes here on the forum, but not for w2003.

Thanks in advance
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  1. I have, generally, found "Delay Write" problems to be related to hardware faults or to driver problems.

    You could try to run a full "Chkdsk" and look for bad sectors to see if that clears things up. (I don't think it will fix the problem, but I have ran into situations where it has.)

    Personally, I think the VERY best bet is to get the newest BIOS for the motherboard, the newest BIOS for the RAID controller if you are indeed using it, and then get the newest drivers for each as well.

    After appropriately upgrading those components see if the problem goes away.

    If not, and you have two sticks of memory, remove one of the sticks of memory and test. If that doesn't work, swap the sticks of memory and test.

    BIOS, Drivers, Memory, Hard Drives. That would be the order that I would look into this. Then I would look into heat issues and then compatibility problems with installed cards, applications, and/or drivers.

    NOTE: I am assuming that there is NO overclocking, or performance tweaking going on. If there is, remove that first.
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