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When you use anytime upgrade, does it do a fresh install or does it just activate the different features? I am having lots of trouble with my Win install (lots of IE explorer and win explorer crashes) and would spend the money if it does a new install and keeps my current program associations.
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  1. don't rely on o/s reinstalls to solve pc problems.

    run a malware scan and use a different browser than IE.
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    some bits of an upgrade are upgraded, while other legacy code is left alone, so depending on where the issue is exactly then you cannot know if it will fix your issue.

    Also, a lot of freezes are caused by hardware issues, so there is no guarantee that a software reload will fix it in the first place. IE and windows Explorer are 2 separate programs now (thank God!), so having issues in both makes me think that something else is going on here.

    Here are some things to try. No guarantee it will help, but it is a good starting point.

    1) download and run CCleaner, follow up with CCleaner's registry cleaner. run the registry cleaner repeatedly until there are no issues (or just a few issues that it cannot fix)

    2) download, update, and run Malwarebytes (the free edition is good enough, but the for-pay version is worth every penny if you do not already own one)

    3) Install an antivirus (Malwarebytes is NOT antivrus, it is a supplement). I like Microsoft Security Essentials, but there are lots of good ones out there.

    4) Insert a windows install disc and run the repair option. It is an automated process for most versions of Windows, and can fix all sorts of pesky issues.

    5) Use Chrome or FireFox instead of IE, and install AdBlock Plus to filter out adds and such.

    6) run msconfig.exe and under the 'startup' tab uncheck everything except for Windows, antivirus, and hardware related software that you need. If you accidently un-check something that you find you needed then simply run msconfig again and re-check the appropriate box

    7) run task manager (rt. Click the start bar in a blank space, start task manager). Open up the performance tab and watch it as you use your computer. Make sure that during normal use that your CPU is not hitting 100% all the time (that can cause all sorts of issues). Also make sure that you are not using more memory than you have installed on the computer. If you are using too much memory, then it is time to buy more. If the CPU is always capping out at 100% during normal use (not games or rendering) then it is time for a new computer (or at least CPU, mobo, and ram).

    8) Run Checkdisk as well as Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool to check for issues. Also check your HDD and make sure that you are not using more than 80% of the drive. After you hit 80% then it is time to move up to a bigger drive (or move stuff off your current drive), after 90% windows will start to act wierd, after 95% then windows acts like a small child on drugs (whiny, moody, forgetful, slow, and generally a bad child). If you are on winXP then defragment the HDD (vista and 7 do this automagically for you in the background)

    Hope that helps.
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