Seeks pocket digital recorder for lectures

Any recommendations for a pocket digital recorder w/1Gb capacity with multiple record types (SP, EP, LP,GQ, VHQ, etc) that has good sensitivity for recording lectures in a classroom? I don't want to spend >$150 if possible.
If the recorder came with an FM tuner that would be a bonus but is not a primary requirement. Small size is preferred and must be able to record and play mp3.

Thanks Pros!
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  1. I have looked at a number of mp3 recorders ( a few do WMA). In general, I was disappointed with the recordedf sound capability, though Olympus did a reasonable job with live music (at a concert; it has stereo microphones). Most have poor speakers, so ear piece is the way to go. None have 1 GB capacity; most have about 256 - 512 Mb only. I think there is one (a Sony?) or other Olympus model that allow you to add a micro SD card, but I think you can forget 1 GB. Why do you need 1 GB? You can get up to 70 hours at a slow recording rate with ~ 256 MB.
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