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I really hope this hasn't already been posted, because if it was, I didn't find it.

I have an Olevia 327v 27" HDTV. I just recently got Comcast HD digital cable and it came with component cables. So, I bought this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812189053 hoping I might get a little bit more for my money. While the image quality is maybe a tad better, I am noticing weird things now. First of all, every time I've turned my tv off and than started it up later, I get a green screen. I have to turn the cable box off and than turn it back on.

My major complaint is now smaller details almost seem, whats the word, pixelated? Jaggy? If I am watching something moving fast on the screen, I will start to see the image almost break apart and it will look like a bunch of squares instead of a smooth image. Whats the deal?

Do I have to have some sort of thing sent to my box to allow me to watch something with an HDMI connection? Did I buy a crappy HDMI cable? I would really appreciate your help guys, I am new to the whole HDTV scene. Thanks in advance!!
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  1. Hey, I'm thinking the green screen that you're getting may be the box's or whatever-you-have's sleep mode. That's just a guess though. I'm basically just telling you about the pixelated part. Assuming you have an LCD tv, then that is normal. You will also notice alot less if you sit about 10 feet away from the tv. I too just got HDTV today from Charter Digital Cable. Everything looks great on it except it has ghosts (layers of an image coming off of the main image) around objects in bright scenes. I'ts really not that much of a biggie though. I have a 37" Magnavox LCD TV. The HD does reduce the Jaggedness of the lcd, but you will never be able to get rid of all of it. That was one reason that I was looking at Plasma screens rather than LCD screens, but in the long run, LCD just has a longer life-span, therefore I bought the LCD. Depending on how bad your jaggedness is, you decide to take it back or not, depending on how long you've had your set.
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