Dead Pixels in 37inch lcd tv.

I have a Magnavox 37 inch lcd TV that I purchased yesterday at a local Target Store. I inspected the TV head to toe, lol. I found that it had one lit/stuck blue pixel, and about 3 dead/black pixels scattered around the screen. How many of you have this problem. They aren't visible from a normal viewing distance of 10', but it bothers me that I'm not getting all of my pixels. I have a PSP (playstation portable) and it too has about 4 or 5 pixels with a much smaller screen, so I actually feel pretty lucky, but I just want to know how many people have dead pixels on their thousand-dollar sets? lol. Another problem with my mat-lcd screen (no gloss/glass screen over the screen itself) is that it has a brighter spot almost like a circular shape in the top left hand corner of the screen. It's only visible on totally black screens though. Does anyone else have this problem?

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  1. Did you run UDPixel or JScreenFix overnight to see if you could fix the dead pixels?
  2. Those dead pixels are very annoying and if the screen has a pixel-warranty you could return it and get a new one.
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