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I cannot use XP Mode in Windows 7. I get a message that says "integration features have been disabled." I have been through dozens of suggested fixes, tried them all to no avail. I am attempting to use XP Mode, a Panasonic Kx-2123 printer and a paperport scanner
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  1. Sorry I misspelled Integration features
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    What version of W7 do you have?
  3. Professional
  4. I have Windows 7 64-bit professional on a gigabyte GA-H77-DS3H motherboard with 4gb of RAM, a 500 gb hard drive, and add-in pci-express parallel card and hard drive card Diamond modem. XP professional is on the old hard drive but it is not part of what I am trying to access. Exerything works independently, nothing can be shared or used in XP Mode. I sold the computer new to a customer and he needs to use the XP Mode for his printer and scanner.
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