F11 key and the MBR problem

My notebook is Compaq Presario F545EA and I dont want to pay for the "Recovery Disc" (buy from HP for 35$)
My problem is that:
I had create a "DVD Recovery Disc" on the first date I bought my laptop and didnt use it until my Windows Vista was crashed so I put it into laptop and find out that DVD is damaged so I had to try the "Recovery Partition" way but it doesnt work too !!! (I did NOT changed any data on the partition). I cant boot up my laptop in to Recovery Manager with clicking on the key F11 on start up. I know the reason? !!! Because the MBR(Master Boot Record) has been overwrited by another program. I want that you give me some file,patch,setup or something(maybe Recovery Manager Software) that it can rewrite on the MBR and restore or repair it to the old view so the F11 key gono work. Its very improtant to me that install the Genuine Windows Vista HomePremium that i had payed for.
Vahid shirvani
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  1. You never bought the software, just the right to use it.

    Your key will work with any Vista disk and be legal.

    A fresh install is way better than the crapware and trialware on a restore disk. Just get a hold of a Vista disk : reformat and install.
  2. I had installed Windows Vista Unlimited(Cracked Version) on my notebook afew days ago but the windows doesnt change anything, I mean the F11 key still not work. I think that it have to be one of the compaq self windows that can make F11 work
  3. To rewrite the MBR, start up from a DOS disk. Then use the command: fdisk/mbr and "enter" to execute it.
  4. This command gono not fix my problem. I want that Recovery Partition(d:) be the active partition so that for booting up the system this partition gono been read. when readin the d: partition it have some command that says: wait 2sec for F11 key IF pressed go to Recovery Manager IF NOT goto c: and boot the Windows Vista. This things is in the MBR of d: I want to return it... help me!
  5. i know what you mean i recently upgraded my brand new hp with vista to windows 7 and lost the f11 key cause i wiped the recovery partition wich i meant to do so anyway well kinda i didnt want none of that hp advisor and junk on there. clutters the computer. now i want to make my own img file to use with f11 key but dont know how to write that to the mbr.. i know i can use acronis true image to create an image an even make a cd to bootup and recover the image but to make life easy in case of disaster i want that f11 key to work with a new image i created from windows 7 that is ad and junk software free so someone please provide us with more info..
  6. That thread is from 2 years ago.
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