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So it all started last night. My computer was unresponsive, and after clicking "shut down" a few times to no avail, I decided to do a hard reset. I didn't think anything would happen, but afterwards it just wouldn't boot back up. It goes to the windows logo and stays there. I don't get any errors, it just hangs there. I have tried many things, so far nothing has worked. I will list them here:

I have tried booting into safe mode. This does not work, it gets stuck at classpnp.sys and stays there.

I have tried booting from the windows 7 disc. This does not work, after it loads the disc it will hang at a black screen.

I have tried switching from IDE to AHCI. This has helped, but not fixed the problem. When booting into safe mode it will crash instead of hanging. When booting from the windows 7 disc I can almost reinstall windows, however I get the error "Windows could not format a partition on disk 1. The error occurred while preparing the partition selected for installation. Error code 0x80070057." When attempting to restore windows to a restore point i get the error "The system image restore failed. Error details: Windows backup failed to read from the recovery volume. (0x8078002F)"

I have tried connecting the SSD to a different windows 7 computer in a attempt to reformat it, however just plugging it in would give the same problem to that computer.

So, is my SSD toast? Did I mess it up beyond repair?

I appreciate any help here guys, I'm at a loss of what to do.

EDIT: Now system repair will not hang on IDE, but still gives me the same errors. Also, now it says missing operating system. Not sure how that happened.
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  1. Reformatting an SSD like a Hard Drive does not work.Have you tried a secure erase.Here is a link you find useful
  2. I can't do that because I can't boot windows. I still don't understand why it stopped a different computer from booting, however.
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    SSD crapped out. Replace it.
  4. egilbe said:
    SSD crapped out. Replace it.

    What egilbe said.
  5. Yep, pretty sure you guys are correct. Hopefully I can get it replaced by the manufacturer. Thanks for the replies.
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