Netbook Won't Reboot or Shutdown

I have a 6-7 Month old Acer Aspire One Netbook with Windows 7 Starter 32 bit installed. It has run fine with no problems when I first got it, but after I have had it for about 5 1/2 months, it would no longer want to shutdown.

I never install anything on it, I just use it for internet and essays and stuff. It has been just recently when this started happening. I haven't changed anything or done anything that would cause (to my knowledge) this to happen.

What exactly happens:

1 - If shutting down:
* Shutdown from start menu
* Continues to log me off, shut down computer as normal
* Goes to the "Shutting Down" screen ( )
* Stays on that screen forever (I once shut it down before bed and when I woke up it still hadn't shut down)
* Eventually the screen with turn off after x seconds, and then even though its not shut down, the screen wont come back on

2 - If rebooting:
* I actually had windows updates, so I needed to reboot
* Continue to reboot via windows update window
* Same thing happens as already stated, never reboots but gets stuck in the same spot

Basically, I have to hold the power button every single time I want to have the computer go off. When I turn it on again, it boots up normal, with no issues, but still can't shut down correctly.
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  1. Try turning off windows update, then go for reboot.
  2. ktownmike said:
    Try turning off windows update, then go for reboot.

    It wouldn't shutdown before windows ever installed the updates though?
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