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So, I am in need of some advice here. I am looking for a new Compact Flash card for my Canon 40D 8GB in size. I am trying to decide between a Transcend brand card and a SanDisk one. The Transcend card is faster than the SanDisk one (40MB/sec. vs. 20MB/sec.) and also a bit pricier ($134.99 vs. $119.99). But what I'm asking is this: is Transcend a more reliable brand than SanDisk? I've heard many good things about SanDisk but not much of anything about Transcend.

Here are the links to the two cards:



Thanks for any info.
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  1. If you're not going to be making use of the faster speed of the card, then the Sandisk will be fine. Just make sure your camera will support the 8GB size.
  2. I know that Secure Digital is always been reliable, I don’t know about Transcend though. Although Transcend has more speed. Check Canon site or better yet call them and ask them if your 40D can handle or has benefit from 266X speed.

    My XTi/400D don’t benefit from 20/ms to 40/ms, I get 11 frames ‘till buffer’s full.

    Just my opinion, I don’t think it is worth if you only get a frame on faster card.
  3. I have 8 Gig on my mine, I think your's will handle that even 16 Gig.
  4. You camera should be able to handle the 8GB with no problem
    as far as the memory speed goes, you need to ask yourself

    3 shots / second

    good enough? With high speed CF your rate goes up to

    5 shots / second


    if you are into sports photography this is a huge difference...

    I hope that helps.

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