How do I install a scanner color profile for use with Epson Scan?

How do I add a new scanner color profile file into "Epson Scan" so that I can select it from the Option List of color profiles?

I've tried adding the new color profile through the control panel. It failed to appear in the Option List.
I've tried manually adding it. It failed to appear in the Option List.
I've tried reinstalling "Epson Scan". It failed to appear in the Option List.

The really frustrating part of this problem is that about 2 years ago, I successfully installed several color profiles into "Epson Scan". These 2-year old profiles still appear in the Option List -- taunting me. I created them using the same software. But I've forgotten how I installed them into "Epson Scan"!! <beating head against the wall>

Here is more detail on what I've done.

I'm using:
Epson Scan 2.34A <- scanning software
Epson Perfection 4870 Photo Scanner
VueScan <- used to create the new color profile file
EpsonPerfection4870(7-19-2007).icm <- new color profile file
Windows XP Pro SP2

I created a color profile using VueScan. I checked out the color profile file using VueScan. It works.

I tried adding the new profile to the color management system by using the control Panel.
copied the color profile file into C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SPOOL\DRIVERS\COLOR\EpsonPerfection4870(7-19-2007).icm
Control Panel | Scanners and Cameras | Right click on Epson Perfection 4870 -> Properties | Color Management | Add | EpsonPerfection4870(7-19-2007).icm | Apply | OK

But the new profile does not show up in the "Epson Scan" Option List.
Sequence: Epson Scan | Configuration... | Color | ICM | Source(Scanner): <Option List>

Next, I tried to manually install the profile.
I copied the color profile file into:
I installed it (right click on file name -> Install Profile).
I associated it with the scanner (right click on file name -> Associate... | Associate Device | Add... | EPSON Perfection 4870)
But the new profile still does not show up in the "Epson Scan" Option List.

I tried reinstalling "Epson Scan".
But that didn't solve the problem either.

The only success I've had, so far, at adding the new profile is that I can over-write one of the existing profile files in the Option List with my new file. That works. But it's a kludge because I have to destroy an old file to install a new file.

So how do I install a new scanner color profile file so that it appears in the Option List of "Epson Scan"?
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  1. It seems like you are doing the right thing. I wonder if Ed Hamrick has changed something in Vuescan that is now causing a conflict. Try posting your question to the Epson Scanner User's Group at:

  2. I'm having this same problem. Can you tell me at least how to replace an existing profile? I haven't even made it that far. I'll keep you updated on my progerss as well.
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