Camera Pricing Scams

Before buying any camera online, please please please check their reseller ratings @

Brooklyn is filled with scammers. Here is one guys example battle

Here is a link to a guys site who spent quite a bit of time tracking down many of the photo stores, good and bad

Some of the better stores are B&H, Beach, onecall, and more that I'm not thinking of right now. So before spending large $$$'s on DSLR's, do some research. If the deal appears to be too good, it probably is.
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  1. If it seems to good to be true, it is...

    I'm a member of the HV20 camcorder forum and there are people posting every day: "found dirt cheap camera, is it safe?". I always reply, if you have to ask, then it is not.
  2. Oh, damn that thread was old.
  3. thanks
  4. Yep it still amazes me that this scam is alive and kicking after all these years. To
    those of you who do not know it works like this.

    You call them up all exited....

    They promise you the moon, but....

    They camera they are selling comes with nothing, no battery, no charger,
    etc., or they are out of stock of that model but they have a Pakage Deal that
    they can offer you that includes the camera that you want...

    If the camera doesn't come with batteries etc., they give you the hard
    sell to get you to buy them at exorbitant prices..

    So what can you do...

    Pay More

    or Play their game back...

    Call them with your model, etc.. If they say it only comes in a package deal
    then tell them that's ok, I found it for about the same price at so I
    will buy it there. They will change their tune, suddenly they will find one that
    they can sell you.

    Make sure they specify what is coming in the package.

    You may want to buy one accessory just to placate them and give them a
    little profit (a lot of these guys sell at a loss and only make money on the
    accessories). All of their accessories are overpriced. You can compare to

    Just tell them that you'll consider buying other accessories when you
    get the camera.

    If you don't get your camera on time, call them, ask them for a firm
    delivery date. If they say it is back ordered cancel your order, if they don't
    want to cancel your order,..

    tell them you will "charge back",

    this is when you ask your credit
    card company to return your money to you.

    You can all your credit card company for details.

    P.S. Checking out through the internet often leads to the same results they just
    call you instead of you calling them.
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