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Hi @ all!
I have a problem: i recently purchased an Apple HD Display and i can't get it to work on a Sony Vaio FE31M :cry:
I fear it's not compatible with my computer : my video card is VGA (GeForce Go7600), and the display is DVI I see (i read on the forums that it's DVI dual link, unfortunately for me I don't know these these things very well)
I installed WinACD for Windows XP.
I purchased a DVI-to-VGA adapter, but I don't know if it's helping me in any way.
I set the grafic card to ,,Clone Display" or ,,configured independantantly from each other" and it's still not working.
Plz, give me advices on how i can get the display to work. I'm desperate :(
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  1. I am fairly certain you need to use a dual link DVI connection for that large of a screen.
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