Card reader not working

Hi guys, I recently encountered a problem with my F: disc which is used to open up the CF card.

I tried inserting my CF card into the card reader slot, but I get no response. the green light on the Card reader comes on for about one or two seconds, but then it turns off again and nothing happened. nothing showed up as a movable disc on the screen. it was just dead.

That's the only topic I could find about a CF card problem, but it did not solve mine. mine doesn't even show up as a movable disc, it's just dead.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Also, I tried restoring the PC a day back, but it made no difference. still no response.
  2. Hi:

    There are a few possibilities

    The card reader is DEAD but with the light
    coming on it is probably not
    The card has a contact problem, with CF
    cards you sometimes can get something
    plugging the holes in the card itself, check with
    a needle. (You will probably have a problem
    if you stick it back in the camera too)
    There is a USB connection problem, take a
    look at the contacts on your reader and on the
    The card has a format problem. If it works in
    your camera still this is not the problem.

    You probably should try plugging your Reader/Memory Card
    into another computer with XP. Most card readers
    come up right away without any additional installation

    If none of these work you may need a new CF Card reader,
    you can get one from SterlingTEK for about $10

  3. I've had one of mine do that also. Mine was a loose USB header connection on the mobo. Just unplugged it and plugged it back in and it worked fine.
  4. I have a lenovo X61 laptop. The SD slot is not working.
    Earlier the DVD burner was not working either.
    It turns out that a failed Itunes installation had mis-set the upper and lower registers in the registry, and the fix was a bit of registry editing to get rid of the false values.
    I have a hunch there's a similar problem with the SD slot, since both failed at the same time.
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