WXGA+ vs WXGA with High Nit LED

I am looking at a Lenovo laptop, and have a choice of two displays.

14.1 WXGA+ TFT, w/ CCFL Backlight

14.1 WXGA TFT High Nit, w/ LED Backlight

Obviously the WXGA+ is higher resolution, so I'd figure that would be better. But the high nit is $100 more even though its only 1280x800.

Which one is better?

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  1. I'm in a similar boat as you, Dave. I'm looking to buy my first T400 Laptop.

    My research has told me this: try to wait for WXGA+ with LED backlight... it comes up every now and then

    on regular 1280X800 LED - not so hot

    high nit 1280X800 LED is supposedly very nice and bright

    14.1 WXGA+ CCFL is preferable because of screen realestate and immediate availability.

    here's what i believe to be true, but not sure, maybe a techie can correct me if i'm wrong...

    1280x800 is less use of video card resources in games as opposed to 1440 x900
    however, 1440x900 will give you higher HD content resolution.

    for example,
    a 1680x1050 desktop monitor can not do true 1080p HD content
    but a 1680X1080 monitor can.
    a 1920X1200 monitor exceeds 1080p requirements...

    so, do you want marginal video game fps improvement or marginaly better HD content resolution? the choice is yours...

  2. Well I am really just gonna use this for travelling and video watchin, so I gues WXGA+ is better for my purposes. I really only game on my desktop. Wish they would just offter XGA+ with high nit tho.

    Tho from what I understand, on a screen that small, and at the distance you use a laptop, you can't really see better than 720p anyway. I dont know now. Thanks tho.

  3. Yeah, I'm just as messed up about it as you are... I would have seriously considereed the standard 1280X800 LED, but i read a review from one guy who thought it was awful, and he had manufacturer's name and all... so that gave me some pause. After that, barring WXGA+ LED (non high nit), then it had to be CCFL WXGA+. I recently looked at a 13.3" X300 thinkpad at the store. It has a 1440X900, and it looked just right. I suspect it would be even better with a 14.1" T400... My boss has a sony 14.1" with the 1280x800, and the resolution seems slightly amateur to me.

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