Updating Drivers for WIN 7 PRO on Asus P5G41T-M LX

Hope one of you out there know where to go to get updated drivers for my PC, Updating Drivers for WIN 7 PRO on Asus P5G41T-M LX Motherboard.

I paid HARDWARE HELPER company who were helpful in the first part of the year, but now they have an update that costs money again my prescription has another year to expire so it is not that my payment has ended, and I think due to this I am having problems getting the drivers to download.

NO matter what time of the day or night I try, I get the same result, down load disconnected. I've been in touch with their so called help the customer etc. WIth no help at all. Tried allt they sugested but no go???

Any one know of another Driver updater web site ?

If possible free downloads.

Otherwise any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Get drivers from the manufacturer's websites, it's always free.
  2. Thanks for the info how ever I am not very techy on system drivers etc, and would like to know how to recoggnize which driver to d/load when I see all the drivers that may be in the list, and how does one find the driver from a list? Any quick way of (FIND etc?)
    Sinc you replied to my request so quickly I wish to thank you and hope you can sugest something to help. Thnks again.
  3. You use the Device Manager to identify the hardware then find the driver for that hardware on the list provided by the website. It really isn't that hard. You don't need to be constantly updating drivers unless a new one fixes a problem that you are encountering.
  4. Thanks for the reply>
    Perhaps you can help further?
    Below is a driver that my Hardware helper identified as needing update, How and where would I go to d/load it please!?

    Updating Drivers for WIN 7 PRO on Asus P5G41T-M LX
  5. Asus motherboard, drivers available at www.asus.com. Choose your country then find the links for support.
  6. Thanks a lot.

    You'r a man / women after my heart.
    I like to help out a.s.a I can as you have done.
  7. Let me be a bit clearer.

    Just because a newer driver exists, does not mean you have to install it.

    It sounds as if you downloaded a program, this "driver helper" which charges you money for something that is free... OK then. Now they are telling you they have found hardware drivers and your hardware "needs updating" but they want to charge you more.

    It's a scam. On a modern, win 7 computer, WINDOWS will take care ANY UPDATES that are needed.

    1. Click on the start button.

    2. Select Control Panel from the right hand list.

    3. Find Windows Update and click on it.

    4. In the left column select Check for Updates.

    5. When this has finished, you will see Important and Optional updates are available. Click on the optional updates and look to see if there is something there that you need. Don't worry so much about important updates as your computer is set to automatically update those.
  8. Hello there well advisor. Thanks I believe you. How ever there is one queer if it is queer side to this udating business. I did update a driver ie: My grapihics card driver which they had identified in their program which stated a new driver available. SO I did d/load it and after that d/load I was unable to d/load any more from their program. Now the funny thing is I like to play games as well as do some other program work, and after renewing the graphics driver a few of my games started to play. So advise me please why this happened, when prior to renewing the g/driver these games would not work??? Thats all. Your educated experiance is appreciated.
    Best regards.
  9. That's rare that a game does not work at all until you update drivers. It is common however, for a game to perform poorly or have bugs until a graphics driver is updated.

    Perhaps your GPU was very new when installed and was still using primitive drivers, not fully developed.
  10. Yes actually that was the condition, and on getting the driver recommended by their software the game worked, I still have a bug in the MM9 game it worked before but now it seems to get stuck on the initial map page I get the sound and when I press the mouse I can hear the firing noise but no visual at all.
    Any way you'r quite a person THANKS again.
    Best to you.
    My Hats off.
  11. Wait... Might and Magic 9? That would be a problem. That game is not likely to run on a Win 7 computer. I'm not even sure it would run well on XP. I'm a big fan of MM6 and 7, but MM9 was not so good anyway. Those games were designed to run best on Win 98 I think.

    Modern operating systems and old games do not mix well. There are ways to get around these problems, but they require a comfort level with technical issues that you do not possess at this time.

    Also, if this IS Might and Magic IX, the game is known to be very buggy and requires a patch... but that patch would likely not work in this case.

    There are some great modern RPGs that do not cost much.

    Check out Divinity II - the Dragon Knight Saga and also Witcher for some similar RPG action.
  12. Hi! Thanks for the info, at least I 'm not on my own in this.
    By the way OK! I'm not in your league but it would be nice to know [but they require a comfort level with technical issues that you do not possess at this time.] Educate me a little if you have the time of course.
    ANd thanks for the other games. By the way its my opinion ofcourse, but hte best games in my opinion was and is Fable at least you are not squinting at the graphics to see the characters stc, nice large graphics.
    Well that is it and thanks again.
    Best regards.
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