Is data recovery possible?

One of my pin got jam in the harddrive. when i boot it detect the model with extra numbers after that it said "boot failure please insert system boot disk".

After that i try to pull the pin back out at boot up it detect the drive model correctly but it doesn't say insert system boot disk it just get all screw up with line flash on and off.

Is it possible to recovery the data from the harddrive? did i mess up the harddrive from pulling the pin back out?
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  1. does the HDD spin up correctly? have you another HDD? if yes to both boot from the working HDD download "getDataBack" and install it you will need the full ver to recover but the trial will show you what is possible and let you grab 1 or 2 files, then scan the broken HDD and see what happens.

    its a good prog i have a 300gb HDD that i took to japan then i built a comp the HDD was too big to be recognised by W2k and appeared as a blank drive that needed formatting, the prog retrieved all the files from it no prob. tho your situation is different as its a hardware fault you can but try...
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