Connect laptop to av receiver to tv w/o MCE?

Here's what i want to do: Basically connect my laptop to my receiver to listen to music through the receiver and TV like you would using Apple Front Row or Window Media Center. The problem is, i have neither. I have an older Sony Vaio laptop with XP Home and my new Plasma does not have a VGA port. The Sony does have a PCMCIA slot open if that gives me an option. Any suggestions? My receiver does have all the video outputs as well- HDMI, Component, etc. to plug into the TV.
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  1. Thanks for the link, looks like thats not a bad solution. Do you know what the "h+v output" is for, and how to connect it? Thanks.
  2. You wouldn't use it in this case. Some TVs have a GRB+HV connection, but yours does not. Just connect the RGB, and you'll be good to go. However getting the resolution to match up to your TV will be the next hurdle. You may want to check out PowerStrip.
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