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Jaguar, can you review the ViewSonic VX2835WM 28" 3ms please?

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
July 26, 2007 5:49:30 PM

Sorry, but I don't review monitors. But if people donate money to me so that I can use it to buy LCD monitors and testing equipment, then I would be than happy to. :) 

What I can do is simply give you my oppinion on the Viewsonic VX2835WM. Based on the specs and price, it is clearly a 6-bit TN panel. As you may or may not know, I am not a big fan of TN panels based on prior posts.

While TN panels are inexpensive and generally fast, they offer poor viewing angles, color reproduction and have a tendancy to display image artifacts, amongst other things. If gaming is your top priority, then I would say it's an okay monitor. If you want to do photo editing or what HD video then I would not recommend it. 6-bit monitors can only product 262,144 actual colors, the remaining 16 million colors are created through the dithering process where serveral colors are blended to come out with an approximate color. This is part of the reason why TN panels tends to produce artifacts for video, especially HD content.

The fact that this monitor does not include a DVI port isn't too much of a concern for most people since analog looks pretty good for most monitors.
August 5, 2007 9:27:32 AM

how can i as a customer know if the lcd is 6bit tn panel?
what is the other- better option?

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August 6, 2007 1:54:12 AM

You need to do research do a Google search on "Dell 2707wfp review" (as an example) and look through the results. Eventually there should be some "official review" rather than someone's opinion. Not all monitors will be reviewed though. I've been doing research for my next LCD monitor since December 2006, I think I'm close to making a decision.

Looking at the specs can give you a hint, but it will not be definitive. In general, a 6-bit TN panel monitor will have the following specs:

1. viewing angle of less than 178 degrees

2. 16.2 million colors, but some manufactures list 16.7 million colors for 6-bit TN panels to confuse consumers.

3. 5ms or less response times in big monitors. One exception is the Planar PX2611W.

4. Price. If the monitor's price is low compared to other panels in the same size (more or less), then it is likely to be a 6-bit TN panel.

Some easy rules to remember:

1. All 22" LCDs are 6-bit TN panels

2. Until recently all 24" panels were 8-bit panels of some sort until just recently. The Acer AL2416WBsd and SAMSUNG 245BW are both 6-bit TN panels. The Westinghouse L2410NM could be using a 6-bit TN panel, but it could also be a stripped down version of an 8-bit panel.

3. Both 26" monitors, Planar PX2611W (most likely to be my next LCD) and NEC Display Solutions LCD2690WUXi-BK, use an 8-bit H-IPS panel. That's a new version of the S-IPS panel that is sought after by people who want the best color accuracy as possible and cost is secondary.

4. The two 27" LCD monitors use an 8-bit S-PVA panel, if I am not mistaken.

5. 28" LCDs uses 6-bit panels. a) they are cheaper than the 26" & 27" monitors (easy giveaway), b) their specs screams 6-bit TN panel.

August 6, 2007 11:48:07 PM

z_dori said:
Jag, The ghosting of the NEC is sucks... p;am p;am p;p2=1815&ph=1

First, the NEC 2690WUXi is not a monitor geared towards gamers. It is in fact for professional graphic artists because after generating all the colors, the NEC will match it up to a 10-bit gamma lookup table to pick more precise colors and then display them on the screen. This procedure is not done by all consumer level monitors and is part of the reason why it is so expensive. If your job depends on color accuracy then having minor ghosting effects is a non issue.

Second, the overall image quality depends on the person who looking at it. In the link you will note that the NEC 2690WUXi (an 8-bit H-IPS panel) is being compared to the Samsung 245b (a 6-bit TN panel). Upon close examination of just those two images the following are my observations:

NEC 2690WUXi

Samsung 245B

1. The NEC has a very, very faint 2nd ghost image for a total of 3 images. The current image, 1st ghost and 2nd ghost image. The Samsung just shows 1 ghost image.

2. The Samsung picture shows that the words in the text box of the 1st ghost image can be seen through the current image, faint (just like the 2nd ghost image on the NEC), but it is there and it can lead inaccurate images; distortions. The NEC does not show display this issue, however both monitor displays ghost images of the front wheel that is faintly superimposed on the current image.

3. Note that the color is darker and to me they seem softer on the Samsung than the NEC. That a clear indication that the Samsung is using the inferior TN panel.

4. The blue background has a definite grayish color on the Samsung. Again this is a clear indication that the Samsung is using a TN panel.

5. Look at the background on the NEC, notice that it is basically smooth and uniform; you see the pixels because it is a zoomed image. Now look at the Samsung, notice the grid like pattern? That's an image artifact created by the use of color dithering by a 6-bit TN panel.

6. This generally does not have anything to do with 6-bit or 8-bit monitors, but if you look at the blue background on of the NEC, the color seems to very uniform. The blue at the top of the image looks like the same shade of blue at the bottom of the image. The same cannot be said of the Samsung the bluish-gray is darker at the top of the image than it is at the bottom. That is a clear sign that Samsung has some backlight bleeding issues.

Taking all these things together, I would chose the NEC 2690WUXi over the Samsung 245B / 245BW any day of the week even though it's cost a little over 3x more. Like I said, it is not a monitor for your average consumer. Also consider that the NEC adds the 10-bit gamma lookup table procedure as I mentioned before. In the end the NEC is the overall clear winner.
August 7, 2007 6:26:14 AM

Wanna Go with Me to Shop for LCDs together??? :) 
acctoually, i tought about the LG L245WP & 246WP (don't know the difference, maybe appirance) is some reviews i saw these two as a s-ips, but in here they say they mv.
from all the screens i saw in the site that ware round the 1000$+-200 this one looked the best.
i also thought about the Dell UltraSharp 27" . but it's image is very dark, mostly compered to the LGs.
what do you think?
i'm not a pro graphics man, i'm a student, love movies & playing games but! i'd like to enjoy tech as much as i can.

comparing the nec to the planar- what is the difference between the two?
August 8, 2007 12:00:28 AM

The difference between the Planar PX2611W and the NEC 2690WUXi is about $500 - $600 USD. :D 

The Planar lacks the 10-bit gamma lookup table and does not seem to be as well fine tuned as the NEC. The NEC's warranty is 4 years vs. 3 years for the Planar.

Planar's response time is 5ms while the NEC's is only 8ms. That's because Planar overvolts the pixels more than NEC. Overvolting pixels is kinda like overclocking a CPU, the more you overvolt, the faster the response times and overvolt too much then *poof* burnt out pixel. Overvolting pixels does have a down side like lower color accuracy. Planar calls it RapidVideo, other companies like NEC calls it OverDrive. Samsung calls it MagicSpeed.

I'm also trying to Google around to find out if NEC gets to "cherry pick" batches of the Samsung H-IPS panel for their 26" monitors.


In another thread, I stated that there were only two 26" monitors. I forgot about the Acer AL2616WD which uses an A-PVA (made by AUO I pretty sure). Here's a link to that compares it to the Dell 2407WFP and the Dell 2707WFP:

Here's a picture of the Dell 2707WPF's the best image from page 4 of the review:

Or click the link below (for some reason the image is not being displayed.) If a blank page is displayed, then click in the address field and press enter.

Here a picture from which comes from

Why is the image from so much darker than the original picture from Did they mistakenly take a screen shot from a different monitor? Or did they digitally darken the image to mislead people?


As for the LG L245WP (L246WP), it seems LG is saying S-IPS but everyone is saying P-MVA. That's people from and

This test really revealed the panel%u2019s identity. The LG monitor doesn´t behave like an IPS, but like a true VA. So, here%u2019s our question:

What whitens from the side and above, has a very deep black, and has much higher reaction time than previous ISP 16 ms monitors.

The answer is an ISP panel according to LG and a P-MVA according to us. As explained in the previous pages, it%u2019s impossible to open the monitor and not break the bezel, so we had to access a hidden menu, which seems to confirm our opinion.
August 8, 2007 7:24:44 AM

"Why is the image from so much darker than the original picture from Did they mistakenly take a screen shot from a different monitor? Or did they digitally darken t..."

they said in the review that the image was not good & too bright, therefore the changed the display settings unfer 50 brigt, & another var to 7 from 100! that's like turning all off... in my opinion...

i'll check & see in how much can i get the PLANAR... the Dell in us costs 1200$, here is israel the lowest price is 1600$ :( ...
i'll see the price of the nec & planar & than decide... The LG's l245 aren't here yet....

maybe i'll wait a month or 2... but i don't want to.....:( 

August 8, 2007 7:53:00 AM

I'm also trying to Google around to find out if NEC gets to "cherry pick" batches of the Samsung H-IPS panel for their 26" monitors.

on hardforums (i think, i linked to it in planar thread), people seem to be either a) retarded or b) getting different quality Planars. Some people report experiencing a lot more backlight bleeding in particular than others. Anything you find about that monitor please let us know!
August 8, 2007 10:31:32 PM

jaguarskx said:

I'm also trying to Google around to find out if NEC gets to "cherry pick" batches of the Samsung H-IPS panel for their 26" monitors.

Actually, I made an error. The NEC and Planar both use a panel made by LG/Philips.
August 8, 2007 11:35:28 PM

Actually, I made an error. The NEC and Planar both use a panel made by LG/Philips.

Yea, i thought maybe you were talking about something else.

Either way, I hope someone can shed some light on the varying quality issue. Isn't it about time for a professional review. GRRR.