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I'm thinking of building a new system. I already have these parts: Asus K8V SE Deluxe, Amd Athlon 64 3400+,Maxtor SATA 120GB, 512MB DDR 400 and from my old system the Geforce Fx5200, DVD writer, CDRW and an old hard disk (ATA) with files and stuff I want to keep.

I'm having a bit of trouble about how to set up this. My idea so far:
Primary IDE -- master -- DVD writer
Secundary IDE -- master -- CDRW
Third IDE (promise RAID controller with only 1 disk) -- old harddisk
SATA 1 -- new harddisk (on which I would like to installe WinXP pro)

Is this possible? or is there a better sollution?

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  1. You can set it up that way if you wish. Make sure you set your RAID options to BASE. Realistically you can put your hard drive on a same cable as one of the CD-ROMs, or better yet put both CD drives on the same cable (secondary), hard drive on the primary.

    On some boards it works best to leave your old hard drive unplugged until after Windows is installed, this will ensure that your SATA ends up as the C drive, instead of something like E.

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