LCD monitor vs LCD 1080p TV or Plasma

This is the age old question and I'm just trying to find the right solution.
I'm moving, which seems like a great time to upgrade and consolidate. Mostly I'm talking about my computer monitor and my TV. I'm not a gamer, but I do work with some graphics images- mostly photos. I do a lot of e-mail and web browsing. Those are the big uses for my computer. TV, I watch random shows, some DVD's, thats about it.
I'm looking for a 37 to 42 inch display with good enough resolution to do the stuff on the computer that I do. Will a tv with 1080p give me that quality? LCD or Plasma? or should I stick with an lcd monitor and a tv card?

I know this is rehash to many of you and I'm sorry, but with the constant upgrades in the TV market I thought it was appropriate to ask again. Thanks for any help or information you can provide.

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  1. Plasma screens are prone to burn-ins from prolonged static images. Gaming and watching movies in full screen will not pose any problems because all images will eventually change or move.

    However, simply browsing or using a program can eventually cause burn-ins because the program boarders, menu bars, start menu will always be in the same location, thus eventually causing burn-ins over a prolonged period of time.

    LCD screens do not suffer from burn-ins, but they are prone to dead or stuck pixels. Every technology has weaknesses.
  2. 1080p is suitable for light computer duty. I've got a 37" 1080p westy that I've got an HTPC connected to. It's not high enough resolution that I'd want it sitting on a desk right in front of me... but from say 4 feet or more it works fine (I've got it set up as a traditional TV and have a bluetooth keyboard/mouse on a coffee table).

    I prefer LCD, but you'll probably want to check out plasm and dlp and pick which one you like.
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