Which Ultra Compact

It's for taking photos of friends and sights (I've moved to the US and am travelling quite a bit).

Decent battery life
$100-200 (pref around $160)
USB to computer (preferably plug'n'play, and without a need for special programs - just windows explorer)
I'm not printing photos, just viewing on computer (1680x1050)

I don't know much about shutter speeds and stuff.
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  1. Ultra Compact Camera that's worth checking at that price range is Fuji Z10 or Z20 or the Casio EX-Z77 and EX-Z80, since that particular type of cameras are more expensive than regular compact point and shoot and If you want more out of the Z10 or Z20, then you have to spend more and check the Canon SD1100 IS or like the COMPACT Fuji F40 or F50.
    I would be best if you can check those cameras at the store for Controls and Function to what fit your needs.
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