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I have a 40gig drive that I would like to install XP on. I would like to do 10gig C: for windows, 10gig for other crap, and 20 gig for other crap. Once I have formatetd this hardrive I have read that I should do the partitions in XP setup.

When you do set it up in the install it will only format the C: to NTFS and the other partitions you have to do in windows once it is installed. I am wondering if converting the partitions to NTFS in Windows mode is going to affect performance or is there another way to do it?
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  1. I prefer to set up the partitons before installing XP which I do with a disk utility on a floppy which is usually available from most hard drive sites, the partition for XP I make 4.5Gb as I usually install most programs to the next partition anyway. That is plenty big enough for all the windows updates, service packs and patches and still leaves me with 2.2Gb spare. You can make it smaller in size but remember you need at least 15% free as Windows requires this for a number of reasons such as defragmenting and swapfile etc, personally I preffer 25% +.
    Once the O/S partition is set the CD setup for XP will ask which partition and if you want to format with either Fat32 or NTFS, I use FAT32 as I can convert it later if I wish to NTFS and it is easier to troublshoot with FAt32. I do a full format anyway just to make sure it is clean. If you want to have previous operating systems as a dual boot I suggest you install these in date order of release like; win98, w2k, win XP and run your CD's from the first O/S installed, this will give you a boot option screen with all available O/S's. Win2k is not necessary with Win XP IMO and Win98 is handy for non compatible devices in Win XP.

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  2. So do you convert to NTFS in Windows XP?
  3. Not that I know of as it appears to me you would have to format the partition using windows disk management to change to NTFS, I use Partition Magic 7 from PowerQuest for that. But if you definitely want to have NTFS then I suggest you do it when you install Win XP and keep in mind Fat32 O/s's and drives wont be able to see or access the NTFS drive but it's the opposite for NTFS.

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  4. If you are installing XP, you do not need to prior format or use any disk util/partioning programs.

    XP does it all, just instert the disk and boot your computer from the CDROM. Follow the prompts to create a partition, select the size you want, you can now create the other partitions or do them latter in XP.

    XP will now prompt you to format in Fat32 or NTFS (quick or slow), select and XP will format then load the OS.

    If you didn't partition/format the rest of the disk go to XP's disk management and do it from there.
  5. In XP you can convert to NTSF with no data loss, you cant convert back to Fat32 from XP. See below cut and past from help. This will happen next time XP is booted.

    I only see partition programs serving one use, to move partitions, everything else XP can do.

    Open Command Prompt.
    In the command prompt window, type
    convert drive_letter: /fs:ntfs

    For example, typing convert D: /fs:ntfs would format drive D: with the ntfs format.
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