Windows 7 (x64) install error(0x8007050570)

I'm trying to install Windows 7 (Using a genuine bulk licensing student disk.) and I keep getting this error. It happens during the first part of the set up when it shows the steps. (Copying files, expanding files... Ect.) The first time it looked like everything was fine until it got to the expanding files step. It sat at 0% for a while and then it brought up an error box with the code 0x8007050570 and saying "Windows cannot install required files. File may be corrupt or missing."

When I went back and tried again I went through all the steps. When it got to the screen I described it finished "copying" the files immediately and went straight to expanding them and then brought up the error message. So I went back to where you can format it and tried it again but the same thing happened. So I popped in an old Windows XP (x64) disk and formatted it with that. Same error when I ran the Windows 7 setup. I took the drive out and formatted it in an XP desktop (Just using My Computer > Right Click > Format.) and I formatted the 100MB partition. (Windows 7 creates a 100MB partition automatically.) I didn't use quick format either time.

At this point I'm more then a little annoyed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  1. I just tried installing Windows 7 x86 and it just did the same thing.

    Also, would it make a difference if I'm using an older DVD drive? (1st Gen DVD reader only.)
  2. Are you using an original pressed disc, or is this a burned copy? If the latter, I'd go back to the source and ask for another disk just to rule out the chance that it's a bad burn...
  3. I'm using an original Windows 7 disk from my university.
  4. I'm not really sure what to suggest other than if you have a friend with a computer system you could try putting your hard drive into it and seeing if you can install it there. If not, I'd suspect the DVD, otherwise you'll at least know it's something about your system.
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    Far as i know that error message happens when the drive you are using to read the windows 7 dvd.
    Is corrupting the files.
    The drive is not reading the disc right.
  6. Thanks for the tips. I went ahead and installed it using a different DVD drive and it worked.

    Also, how do I mark this as solved, does just selecting the best answer work?
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