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I just bought a samsung 46" 1080p lcd, and working with a ps3 right now for blu-ray. But got me thinking, there must be a way to push full hd through my pc. I've tired multiple times to recode or remux the files to play on ps3 without luck. So I've given up on that.

I've found some trailers from sony, some hd video of shuttle launch and a few .mkv to test.. I've got two pcs; one being macbook 2.2ghz duo2 1GB RAM and a pc with 3.0ghz with 2GB RAM. Neither of them has a "great" video card. But I've recently bought an ati 2600 XT to attempt full hd but was worse off than my gforce 6800GT. lol

So it must be some other requirements my pcs cannot handle these videos. So just what the heck is the minimum and recommended settings to play full 1080p on a pc? Also looking as a htpc, if anybody has bought one of the new shuttle "glamour" pcs with hdmi just for that purpose?
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  1. I've heard that the E6600 is minimum CPU for H264 1080p decoding. However the 2600XT should take care of 95% of those decoding duties if you set up the software correctly. Read this article.
  2. Found this guide helpful

    Even low end hardware can play it :hello:
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