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<Hi all,

<I have a drive that was reformatted and Windows XP reinstalled on it but all original data on the drive was lost. I need to recover the original data from the old partition, but I don't know the exact size.

<I have used WinHex 13 to try to recover some data , WinHex is able to recover some but not all .

<How can I recover all my lost data?
I have used most of the other known tools, but failed!
Looking for your help! Your kind assistance is appreciated.

<thank u
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  1. I would use the suggestions above. There are 100's of different software titles dedicated to data recovery.

    I found this, that may help you find a suitable program:

    I've used GetDataBack after a reformat and it worked for me. However, the fact you installed Windows on top of the drive will have severely reduced the number of files you will be able to recover. If it ever happens again, try to stick the drive in another computer with windows already installed and do the recovery first.

    Hope you get your files back, good luck
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