photo camra with best video resolution/quality

Hello guys! As topic says, i need a photo camera with a decent video quality! It's price range shouldn't be wider than 400 bucks :P Looking on Benq E1000 -748x440 and Samsung S850/1050 - 800x600 but 20ps. Are there better variants ? :)

tanks you
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  1. So, no one knows? I am going to order i85 then :D
  2. Check Fuji f100fd, Canon 890 IS and Panasonic DMC-FX55 or FX500.
  3. thanks for panasonic :D According to reviews DMC-TZ5 is the bestbu now :P
    Hd video and impressive image quality with 10x optical zoom. IMpressive :)
  4. Hi all,
    It that true of you to buy a camera.ok!!here is a link for you.have a try!
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