Is there any tool for me??

Hello everybody, there are a lot of sites that offer different videos. What I do, is collect the most interesting videos that are available online. Often, the ones I check out are good but many times I land up on a page that has no video or nothing to match my interest. I am looking for a solution to this, a tool that can help me to make my browsing more specific and can prevent the openings of non-related sites.
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  1. I also like to have the videos that are unique but that needs spending time online and I don’t have the time required. But, yes my cousin does use a browser toolbar to browse the different pages on a single page without opening them. This helps him to view the content of the page prior to opening the link so that he can decide to open the page or leave it. It also results in safe browsing and is also suited for your needs as you can watch the links to different pages without opening them which will make your search faster and refined. You can easily get this free software from here.
    Hope this will help you.
    Good luck!
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