Can You OC a Dell MB?

Thinking of getting a complete system with the e2160 and it only makes sense if you can mildly OC this chip on a Dell MB.
Anyone know??

Dell has a pretty good deal on on Inspirons until December 20th.

Go to Dell, select desktops, Inspiron, Inspiron Desktops, Inspiron 530 (the one without the monitor), add stuff to get the price to $999 and apply this coupon, 4J1M7748R2RRV6, and get a $350 discount + a $100 gift certificate (cannot be used with this order) + free shipping.
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  1. dell motherboards are locked to prevent the user from changing any settings that can damage the computer. this is true for all dells except some of the high end XPS ones.
  2. That is true for the BIOS settings. You can, however, use software clocking utilities like clockgen or CPUFSB. These programs can damage your system (like just about anything else) so you need to consider the possibilities before you use them.
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