Wait for SED or OLED?

Hey whats up guys, I'm thinking about picking up a Samsung LN-T3253H 32'' HDTV, but I was wondering:

Should we be waiting for SED or OLED? I read something that OLED is going to be like looking at a printed piece of paper, rather than an image of a printed piece of paper, I don't know how true this is lol.

Also with a 32" would SED or OLED or w/e not make much of a difference. At a size like that, 1080p isn't much of a difference... if you guys actually know about this stuff let me know!
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  1. There's a couple of technical issues that will prevent from OLED or SED TV's start appearing in your local bestbuy.

    SED's are nice, but unless someone figures how to mass produce this stuff cheaply, it has no advantages compared to an lcd tv's besides the picture quality.

    OLED's have more potential because of the thin-ness of the display. There were some technical hurtles with with the blue oleds that has been corrected recently as well as licensing issues from Kodak. Another technical issue is these manufacturers creating a large oled display big enough for a tv (the largest one made was 27"). I wouldn't be surprised within a few years we will see alot of oled tv's replacing lcd's once when they fixed all the kincks and license issues.
  2. Noticed this on Engadget today about OLED...
    Says it is "expensive."
    Might be better off just paying much less and getting DLP/LCD/Plasma.
    As for SED, I believe Toshiba just said that there won't be any SED displays coming anytime soon.

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